Am I enlightened now?

Weather VaneThere is a point in your life when you stop ignoring all the signs that there is something more to life than your own life and you have the desire to search out what all of this means. Then you find if you open your eyes and just be aware you will realize you have been shown where to go for the answers you seek all along. After reading books, taking classes, learning what it means to be empathic and how to control the impact on yourself you wonder “Am I enlightened now?”

In my opinion “no” you have just stepped through the doorway. I understand all of the above but I realized I understood it with my head and until I understand it through my heart I will not be enlightened. So I have stepped back, not stopped, but stepped back. I have taken the time to be aware of what is around me, meditate, practice healing, and have let go of worry and concern with the faith that I am going forward the way I should be going. And that I will reach my goals when it is time to for me to reach them.

The hardest lesson for me was not to understand all the books and classes but was to have faith in the universe and patience within myself.


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Horoscopes by Melissa Bruce

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Horoscopes for the week ending 07/19/2014

Relationships are the focus this week, and if you find yourself in a situation where you feel as if you have to compromise yourself and your needs for someone you love, this can be difficult indeed. Truth is you don’t have to compromise your needs, but can come to a compromise to get a close to everyone being happy as possible. If that doesn’t work, it doesn’t make you any less Awesome! Sometimes you have to do what is right for you, and if they really love you they love that part of you too! Avoid letting that fear hold you back, and reach for the stars!!! You KNOW you want to!

Take the time to fine tune issues around your finances this week. Sometimes the long, laborious process of saving for something big can seem to take forever, but coming with new ways of saving can make things easier, and new opportunities to add to that savings are there and available for you to use if you so choose to. There are things that you are just Awesome at! Ever thought of making a little extra funds with those things?? Avoid the tendency to think you don’t deserve to, you never know until you try!

Do what you love and love what you do, that is the motto for Gemini this week! You are Awesome when working on goals that are truly what your heart desires, and Mercury’s direct motion helps you to communicate what you need much easier than the past weeks have been. Look to those you love to give you a boost and help out with some fantastic new ideas, and watch as things come together in the smoother fashion you prefer. If it’s what your heart desires, don’t hesitate to grab it with both hands and make it YOURS!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the Cancers born this week, especially to a very special Cancerian born on the tenth, my own baby boy who turns 12 this year! The Sun and Jupiter move closer into conjunction, and when it comes to your career goals this is a beautiful opportunity to help you expand your horizons and make your dreams a reality. The opposition with Pluto does present a challenge here, making it seem as if the things that always hold you back will never stop holding you back, but this is all in your mind, and the truth is if you believe it, you can be it. Whatever you do, but some Awesome into it, and never tell yourself you can’t when you definitely CAN!

Enjoy being loved, and surrounded by love this week!!!! Everyone knows you’ve worked hard for it!!!! The Dark Moon in your sign gives an opportunity to change things when it comes to how you receive love. If it’s not quite what you feel you deserve, you have the power to changes things, just remember it has to work for all parties. Ultimately, you make the call when it comes to what you will put up with and what you won’t. If it doesn’t make you feel totally Awesome, something needs to change, and you must know that the power to make that change is in your capable hands!!!!

You may find yourself focused on situations of the past this week, and though that’s never a comfortable place to be, it’s a perfect time to work through those past issues and eliminate them for good! When you’re as Awesome as you are, elimination of past hurts only makes you more so, and you owe it to yourself to be the very best you can be! And by having a little faith in yourself, you can achieve anything you want!

Mars has moved out of Grand Cross position for good, and therefore also out to T Square position. This week it’s all about you!!!!! And you DESERVE this time!!!!!! You may find that some have an opposition to your plans this week, but that’s ok. Do what you feel you have to do and don’t let anyone hold back your Awesome! It’s been a rough road, but it’s about time you did something for you! Do it, and don’t feel bad about it! Everyone else will understand.

Starting off the week with the Moon in your sign is not a scary as it may seem to be. Through Tuesday, the Moon lends Saturn a helping hand, and you’ll find this week that things just seem to fall into place, and going back to your roots when it comes to making your dreams a reality, you may need to go back to the old way of doing things, while incorporating some new ideas at the same time. The results will be Awesome, and you may find that that you can achieve more than you ever could by going with what’s always worked while eliminating what never did. Believe in the power of YOU.

Too much time thinking drains your Awesome, and the Moon coming into your sign on Wednesday and Thursday only proves the point, and intensifies about every feeling you’ve got it seems. When you feel
stuck in a place where you can’t move forward, and it seems like what you want is miles away, make sure you’re not your own worst enemy, and that you’re not making the situation worse for yourself. When you let your feelings take over, it always seems to happen, and you know you’re better than that! Don’t be afraid to step out of your head for a bit, and see how you can make things change like magic!

Frustrations may occur when it seems like issues going on in the home or close family unit makes it difficult for you to shine in your career, or any other big plans you may have for yourself. Seems sometimes as if this always happens, and you may even feel as if there’s just no need to bother anymore! Think back on how many times this has happened, and look at how many times you DID make it work. Now look in the mirror, and see Awesome! Do what you have to do, but do what you want to do as well. No one else is as organized as you are, and you know anything can be done if you want it to be!

Luck is on your side Monday through Wednesday with the Part of Fortune on your side, and those you love take priority this week. In hectic times, slowing down and spending real time with those you love means more to you AND them than anything in the world. It’s your distress, and it helps take you out of your mind and give your heart a chance to take over. Luckily for you, you’re pretty awesome at making people feel loved with you love them with all of your heart, and you never know how much they may be needing that themselves. It’s a win / win situation!

Are you tired of being Awesome yet??? The truth is, things really have been running smoothly planet-wise, and this week it just keeps getting better. A Trine with the Sun and Saturn this week helps you to cement your roots, especially when it comes to your most important relationships, and together helps you to shine in your career. And by Thursday the Part of Fortune brings even more luck for the rest of the week. You’re unstoppable if you believe you are, don’t stop until you have everything you want!

Book Review:

The Janson Directive – by Robert Ludlum

A perfect guilty pleasure book that isn’t 50 shades of anything. This is a great spy espionage book that actually is part of a multi part series. Being the first book, it does work as a stand alone novel but like any “good” action movie, leaves openings to continue the saga. Easy to read, and can be a quick read but doesn’t give the feeling of being dumbed down. If you like technology, covert shenanigans, and world domination, or just groups of evil people doing things, then read on.
Now it’s an older book, more the 10 years I think, but it holds up. It also might become the next series of Bourne like movies starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But as I always advise, read the book first. The book is always better. Except for the Dexter books, they were bad. That’s the one exception. – Colin D